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At the southern most tip of Africa exists the greatest number of species available to the privileged few who answer the call to hunt, and be at one with the outdoors. Ballantyne Trophy Safaris will take you there . . .

Ballantyne Safaris has been operating since 1975 and is a family run operation. We are situated in the beautiful and historic Eastern Cape of South Africa. The Eastern Cape is home to over 30 plains game species. These animals range from the tiny Blue Duiker to the large Cape Eland. There is a large diversity of terrain, ranging from the mountains to the Karoo plains right down to the coastal forests.

The Eastern Cape is a Malaria and Bilhazia free area. Hunting is done all year round, the best times being from March to October. You can expect to have some rain while you are hunting so a light rain coat will be useful.

The Eastern Cape is a Malaria free area.

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