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Trophies and Rates

Your Professional Hunters will be Howard, Glen and Charles Ballantyne. They will at all times maintain a high standard of ethics and sportsmanship in the spirit of a fair chase. Ballantyne Trophy Safaris offer a complete package from the organisation of the Safari, to all the other adminastrative details.

Management Package Prices start at $1875
Trophy Package Prices start at $4500
Please contact us for more information about these excellent deals!

2019 Trophy Price List

Prices are quoted in USD

Animal Price Animal Price
Baboon US$ 500 Lechwe US$ 3300
Blesbuck Common US$ 450 Lynx * ** US$ 1000
Blesbuck White US$ 800 Monkey US$ 100
Bontebok * POR Nyala US$ 2600
Bushbuck US$ 800 Oribi * US$ 3000
Bushpig ** US$ 850 Ostrich US$ 600
Duiker Blue ** * US$ 1950 Rhebuck Mountain US$ 450
Duiker Common US$ 300 Rhebuck Vaal US$ 2000
Eland Cape US$ 2850 Rhebuck Common * US$ 1800
Fallow Deer US$ 800 Springbuck Black US$ 650
Gemsbuck US$ 1550 Springbuck Common US$ 450
Giraffe * US$ 4000 Springbuck Copper POR
Grysbuck, Cape* US$ 1650 Springbuck White US$ 1600
Hartebeest, Red US$ 1250 Steinbuck US$ 300
Impala US$ 450 Warthog US$ 500
Jackal US$ 200 Waterbuck US$ 2400
Klipspringer* US$ 1650 Wildebeest Black US$ 1250
Kudu, Cape US$ 1400 Wildebeest Blue US$ 1250
Sable POR Zebra US$ 1400
Buffalo POR Lion POR

* Available only on request
** US$ 175 per day for the dogs (Blue Duiker, Bushpig and Lynx)

Daily Rates:

1 x 1 US$ 450 per day
2 x 1 US$ 300 per day
Observer US$ 190 per day
Rifle hire $30/day PLUS $3 per round shot

Package prices are available on request.

Tourism Prices:

Option 1 (Prices are all inclusive)
US$ 450 per person per night (2-3 People)
US$ 390 per person per night (4-7 People)
Option 2 (Prices include a tour guide only)
US$ 100 per person per day (3 or more People)
This can work out much cheaper and is more flexible.


Initial deposits are non-refundable however clients may exchange dates or send another client in his/her place. Written approval from the outfitter is needed. Once the deposit has been received your hunt is officially booked and all contract conditions apply.

Prices Include:

  • All accommodation, meals, water and soft drinks and daily laundry.
  • Services of a licensed professional hunter or guide.
  • Field preparation of trophies.
  • Collection and return to nearest airport.
  • Delivery of trophies to local taxidermist.
  • All hunting licenses.
  • 15% VAT on package hunts.

Prices Exclude:

  • Extra animals taken.
  • All airfares.
  • Any costs arising before or after scheduled pick up and departure.
  • Staff gratuities.
  • Taxidermy or Dip and Pack fees.
  • Items of a personal nature.
  • 15% VAT on daily rates.
  • Any additional activities (i.e. Touring)
  • Alcoholic beverages (clients can purchase their own alcohol en route to the hunting lodge)

Terms and Conditions

A safari will only be reserved once a 50% non refundable deposit is received for a daily rate safari or 25% on a package safari. Dates will only be reserved once the deposit has been paid.

Balance owing on a safari can be paid before the safari via Wire transfer or after the safari using travelers cheques or cash.

Wounded or lost animals will be paid for in full.

Package animals may only be substituted with Outfitters permission.

Indemnity forms need to be signed and completed by all clients before the safari begins.


We offer bowhunting with great success


A reputable taxidermist has been doing work for Ballantyne Trophy Safaris for the last 15 years. We deliver the trophy to the taxidermist and they proceed to liase directly with the client.

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